Sunday, January 8, 2012

There's A Shiver in My Bones

So, a couple of months ago it was Halloween.  As you might know some time has passed since then but that doesn't mean you can't clear out some of those skeletons in your closet (literally and metaphorically of course).  This first MIB is far from difficult and an....interesting way to reuse that old halloween costume you grew out of say, ten years ago.  Some supplies that I used were:
  • A child's old full body skeleton costume
  • A thrifted and well past it's prime, velvet dress
  • White bias tape
  • Necessary sewing supplies (that means brushing off the dust off of that old Singer, 18th century looming machine or in my case a Brother since I've had since third grade)
Here is the adorable velvet dress, (note the comical position of the pumpkin, really I should stop being so ironic with overlapping similar geometric shapes) and child's costume that is really meant for no one over the age of seven, a legal midget, or your German Shepard.

Begin by cutting out the rib cage and other bones (must have missed the day when each bone in the body was explained though I do know there are 206 total! A fun but useless fact...)

 Then proceed to cut the sides of the dress (inside out) so the process of attaching the bone print is easier than it would be while remaining as an enclosed tube.

Pin and sew bones to the front of the dress.  Sew up the sides.  Hem the bottom.  See told you it was easy!  To add some interest I cut out a hole in the back to show off a little skin and finished the ends with white bias tape (and made the velvet ten hundred times easier to sew/finish off, don't underestimate this fabric, it will make you want to rip your hair out).  

After each MIB/DIY I'll do a photo shoot to best show it off, complete with personal makeup and hair assistants, professional photographer, and green screen to show surreal images of beaches in Hawaii to set the mood.  Actually the background will usually be white, a common occurrence of our upper midwestern location, as far from a beach as possible. Picturesque, isn't it? Resembles something you might see at the polar ice cap or say some middle of nowhere suburb.

I'm still not sure where the best place to wear this dress would be without attracting angsty, emo teenagers or causing worry for a possible crime alert.  The best I can come up with would be to next years Halloween party, paired with a less graphic assembly of items, or straight up and not give a damn what the public might think (that option is the most recommended).

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