Sunday, January 15, 2012

Pucker Up

What is this outfit missing? Oh I know, cheetah printed lip tattoos.  Just when you didn't think you could stand out enough following my fashion advice, no one will be able to draw their eyes from your animal printed lips, rather than listening to what you are actually saying.  Don't plan on drinking any liquid, eating, or kissing anyone for the next five hours.  But who cares?  You look awesome.  Violent Lips claim to provide the latest, and MUST have accessory to every outfit and I would have to agree.  Bring out the wallet 'cause these aren't cheap.

If your not willing to spend the money, waste your time delicately painting your lips with eyeshadow like I did.  I've included a basic how-to and some interesting lip designs that most likely match nothing that I could ever wear.

Start with a foundation about Carmex or some kind of chapstick, it will help the eyeshadow stick better.

I started with Half Baked gold eyeshadow by Urban Decay, but take a gander at all these other crazy colors to choose from...

Apply with a regular eyeshadow brush with enough for full coverage over lips.

I then brushed on silver from the same palate over the gold.

Brush on, sir, brush on.

Seal those sparklers with some clear gloss, those lips are 24 carrot golden. (that was a stretch, I know)

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