Sunday, January 29, 2012

Scrubbed Into Fashion 2012

What happens when you mix medical scrubs, African tribes, futuristic style, and current trends?

In honor of this charity, Smile Network International

Hopefully it will be fashion, art, or at least not fall apart off of the unfortunate one who gets to be decked out in neon, a throw up of patterns, and accessorized with waay too much jewelry.  Mark your calendars for April 14th because Scrubbed Into Fashion, a fashion show put on by FAB is taking stage (or the runway) and I'm lucky enough to participate!  The show procedes go to the charity, Smile, and this year they are taking it all the way to Africa (hence the top photos, didn't just get that out of nowhere).  I want to combine the amazing, colorful blend of African culture with my own futuristic and modern viewpoint on fashion (that means using materials no one actually should be wearing).  Three looks have to be created; a couture showstopper, ready to wear, and a revised version of the actual scrub outfit.  One of these has to be menswear, that will definitely be interesting... And I especially LOVE that these are made out of scrubs!  Totally goes with the whole theme know that reinventing old shit kinda deal....yup.  So wish me luck and I'll be providing updates until that fateful day!    


  1. I see this as the first of many in your future!

  2. what exactly do you mean..."materials that that no one actually should be wearing"??? I'm sure what you come up with will be amazing!!!