Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Don't Corner Me In A Dark Alley

As I am always admiring Miss Lady G, why stop at outfits and lyrics?  Pointed nails aren't just good looking, they are also very practical, functioning as....defense mechanisms, toothpicks (a great way to get that spinach out of your teeth), pushing in that darn reset button, nose pickin' (just kidding....KIDDING!), yeah thats about it.  Throw away your pepper spray, mace, and baseball bat, this is the only tool you need to warn off potential evil.    

  • Black Nail Polish
  • Silver Sparkly Nail Polish
  • Sally Beauty Secret Nail Hardener Top Coat
  • Nail Envy by O.P.I.
  • Emery board

Step 1)  File your nails to a point, but not too sharp, we aren't going too gothic here.  I usually do square ends and this was a BIG step for me...but I like it.  And it turns out to be more practical, the ends don't break off as easily and if they do, it's in a point-like way.

Step 2)  Slap on some of that O.P.I. Nail Envy, it's great for strengthening your nails, I used it a lot after getting acrylics constantly from working at a salon (that was one bitchin' discount!).

Step 3)  Paint it Black, just like the Michelle Branch song (okay fine, Rolling Stones).  Stay in the lines, this ain't kindergarten.

Step 4)  Add the silver glitter to the beginning of the nail beds, I added a little layer of sparkle as it moved up the nail to add a little ombre effect (am I trendy or what?).

And here are your scary, Gaga nails.  Us little monsters would make Mama so proud!

Shall I quit my day job and be a hand model instead??


  1. You knew I digged the nails! I'm jealous of the glitter and the sally's top coat is a cool new trick.

  2. Do you have a version for a 52 year old?