Monday, February 6, 2012

Perfect For Any D-bag

What is the purpose of a collar?  To shade your neck from sunburn? Give the look of wings coming out from your collar bone? Give the upper body awkward, pointy angles?  None of the above.  Its actually there solely for the look with no actual reason.  So why not turn it into an accessory and layer them upon multiple other collars?  That sounds like some real Jersey Shore tool shit to me.  I think Pauly D needs an extra collar or two to accent that pointy Bart Simpson hairstyle and GTL business.  But watch out for bad tan lines, definitely deadlier than partying all night on the Jersey Shore.
If you are interested in representing your own prepstar/clubbing/Italian bum image here is a little DIY for you to give a go.  Here is your list of supplies:

  • Any old shirt with a collar, mine was a nude army shirt from the ever fantastic, thrift store
  • Bias tape, I used double folded 1/4" tape, neon green to make that nude POP
  • Hook and eye
  • The usual (sewing machine, needle and thread, Duh.)

Step 1) Begin by cutting the collar off of the shirt, leaving about an inch from the actual collar.

Step 2) Completely detach the collar from the shirt, well how else were you planning on wearing it as an accessory?

Step 3) Pin on and align the bias tape along all raw edges of the top and bottom of the collar (this includes the parts that will be visible as well as hidden).  I found it helpful to trim off a bit of fabric to get the tape almost exactly along the edge of the actual interfaced collar.

Step 4) Proceed to sew on the bias tape without missing either side of the bias tape, trust me, it's trickier than it looks.  To make it stay on, hand sew a hook and eye to the inner corners where the collar would usually attach to the shirt.

And here is your completed newfangled neck accessory!  If you didn't have a pointless collar on your shirt before, you do now.

Wow Jared, you make that look rather...tasty?
Of course I had to match my neon tights to my new neon collar!

Just noticing that this idea slightly resembles the ideas from my last post...guess I really ran with that one.

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