Monday, May 7, 2012

Hell Has Been Raised

 If my love and affection didn't come across from my past post for the radically awesome brand, UNIF, here is a MIB to confirm it.  The moment my eyes came across these Hellraiser Flats, I knew that we were meant to be together.  The toughness, the security, the outright defiance; all characteristics that would help protect my fragile feet from potential dangers (curb stomping, hello?).  But we can't all afford the $169 of such luxuries of lambskin and fully weaponized accessories, so we must close our eyes and pretend.  


  • Loafers, I found some for $20 on Amazon, they also come in gold, black, and leopard print!
  • 100 Screwback Spikes, I used sizes 3/8 inch for the majority, three 1 inch spikes for the toe
  • Drill (drill bits depend on the size of the spikes and the hole needed) 
  • Sharpie marker

Step 1) Mark where the holes will be drilled for the spikes with a Sharpie that will stand out on the shoe's surface, I thought that a more sporadic approach would give off that effortless cool factor, AKA it was easier.

Step 2) Drill holes at the places marked, the size of the hole depends on how large of a space the screw needs to fit through without falling out.

Step 3) Poke the spike backing through the underside of the shoe, it will get harder as you get further inside the shoe...

Step 4) Screw in the top part of the small spike and it's easy as pie! (which is actually pretty difficult...)  Continue to fill in the top, sides, and back of the shoe, 33 for the top, 14 for the sides, and 3 in the back heel.  Don't forget about the 6 deadly one-inchers...

I made you a fancy diagram to further explain the spike placing, yes, your welcome.

And three hours and ten sore fingers later, you have a pair of flats that are as vicious as you are!  We hopefully made UNIF proud :)


  1. definitely going to try this! Thanks for this post! Did you only use one bag of the spikes?

  2. Yup! I ordered one bag that had 100 spikes, 50 per shoe. I also added on those longer ones for the toe, those were just ones I had leftover :)