Friday, April 6, 2012

I Live A Lie

Let's face it.  Who wants to commit to anything these days?  I'm the kind of person that will contemplate changing the color of my hair for months and print out a million pictures from Pinterest until I find the PERFECT style (until I decide on something new two days later).  Though that's not the badass persona I'm sure you believe me to be, I'm a commit-a-phob.  Piercings leave holes, and tattoos?? Man, we won't even go there.  Not going to do it unless I can click edit undo just like on a word document.  This reasoning also applies to men.

Well, I've found the perfect solution to our problem, LET'S FAKE IT!  Instead of actually altering our bodies, lets pretend that we are way cooler than we actually are through sissy metal clip on's (yeah I was that girl who waited until I was sixteen to get my ears pierced, stick on earrings all the way!)  Holy Lands Treasures (click for their Etsy shop) offers us such a sly way to cheat, I'm dying to get one!  I'm loving their clip on nose rings, I mean what took this so long to come out?  This would also be pretty possible to make (that's a sidenote for all you DIY-ers!)  But I'm about to jump onto this bandwagon, but don't tell it's fake, our little secret.  Shhhh.    


Nose Cuff $11.95 (kick ass price, am I right?) 

They also have a bunch of other sick jewelry, such as bitty ear cuffs, no pain and no commitment, sounds like my kind of relationship.

Ear Cuff $12.95

Pearl Ear Cuff $12.95 can look like this.  But pretty sure you can't fake those ones.

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  1. Ewwww to the last photo, my piercings and tattoos do not look like that. Neither do my relationships ;) But I like the spirals, they're cute. Too bad I have no more room left on my nose!