What is the Ragolution?

The Ragolution has begun (yes I coined this ingenious term by simply combining the terms revolution and rag, just wait till you hear my absurd acronyms...) and I hopefully will better understand the term for myself as I progress but for now, I have a slight idea.  For some odd reason I find a sick pleasure in creating garments and accessories that usually cross beyond the line of wearability and question my sense of sanity.  If one should dare to break every rule in fashion with me, feel free to follow along with my DIY's or better known as, here we go...MIB's (Made it Better/Bomb/Bitchen) or cave in to the insanity and spend your hard earned dollars on a beautiful, errr distinctive but well-made prizes created by yours truly

But the heart of the Ragolution lies at the hope of reusing those lost souls of garments that were set aside and abandoned without a second thought (this is starting to sound like an ad for forsaken street animals...) and turning something with little promise into a prized treasure.  This is a revolution against the cheap shopping addiction that has now overtaken our culture that may temporarily repair that dent in your wallet but has other less appealing consequences.  

We are always so focused on what will be next, why don't we focus on making beautiful and interesting things and actually enjoy them for once?  Not saying that I don't love a good steal at Forever 21 or getting three pairs of snake skin pants at the price of one but it should be balanced with those special pieces in your closet that actually mean something.  And what better way to go green than to recycle someone's old and make it into your new?  If your feeling creative or just around for the entertainment, Ladies and Gentlemen, without further adue, I present to you......The Ragolution

(a little side note, didn't make that drabulous dress, but...well I could if I wanted to!)