Friday, March 9, 2012

Let's Get Some Kool Aid Hurr

I blame Pinterest for planting this ridiculous idea into my head.  For some reason it seems like a good idea to trade my fairly normal (black ombre fading to blonde/unintentional orange) hair for something resembling light bright, or my little pony.  Let's stick out like even more of a sore thumb, we already have nail rings, weaponry as a phone case, and jackets made from rugs.  Hopefully I won't end up bald, normal hair is probably better than no hair.  

Now for a video that I hold near and dear to my heart...

If you are classy, you'll most likely home dye your pink hair in your kitchen sink.

Love these two colors together! 

Your eyebrows look ridonkulous, how long do they take you to paint on every morning?

Damn girl, your head is brighter than a flare in the middle of the ocean...

Neon Green, its so perfectly unnatural...

Oh look, men can do it too! I'm pretty jealous of how simple this would be for them while having such short hair, it must be so ridiculously EASY to be a dude.  This is my version of menswear, so any smart guys reading, get on this...I'll probably date you if your hair is this color, just sayin'.

So everyone gives all the glory to the celebs for starting all these crazy "trends" but that is giving them way too much credit.  Lets not wait that long, its definitely not as cool when it becomes that mainstream...

 Wow, this is probably the most subdued I've ever seen Lady Gaga.

I've used Manic Panic hair coloring in the past but what I found was only semi-permanent, not good.  It made my badass purple turn to a throw-uppy (yeah thats a word) lavender faster than you can close your eyes to blink.  I'm hoping to attempt a ridiculously florescent green, and hopefully won't go bald in the process.  Any suggestions on technique or product???  

I also found this, a pretty decent instructional video on how to get some crazy ass hair.  I can't wait to try his....erm...her techniques and products, well, "this person" recommends Special Effects hair dye.  Yeah this kinda creeped me out too.


  1. Kelly has moved back to town and is looking for work, maybe you should contact her.

  2. I like the lady G version the best....and the 1st photo of pink chalking