Monday, March 5, 2012

Oops...We Did It Again

Hemlines have risen this spring season, and not just in a weird mullet kind-of-way.  Get ready for a little Britney Spears action, raise your shirts ladies and expose that belly button ring your mother would kill you for if only she knew.  And don't forget the schoolgirl hair braids.

Unfortunately, we can never escape the past in fashion, that meaning you should probably save every piece of clothing you've ever owned because it will be in style again in ten years (that will save a TON of money, right?).  Prepare yourself for a certain part of the anatomy to come out of hiding this spring: the beer belly.  It always seems that those who shouldn't be comfortable showing that much skin off are the first ones to do it (naked old men at nude beaches, cough, cough).  So we might as well give in, there is no denying that 2001 is back in style.  Prada said so, and no one can argue with that.

Emilio Pucci S12

Prada S12

Proenza Schouler S12

Chanel S12

Herve Ledger by Max Azria S12

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