Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Just Another Day In the Life

I know you probably think I couldn't get any f***ing crazier, but then that's where you wrong.  You see, something SUPER exciting came in the mail today, right from our neighbor, China (yeah...not).  I found these babies when I probably should have had other priorities, like homework, design projects, makin' shit, maintaing my get the gist.  But I am always on the lookout for the latest accessory that no one else has, and believe me, I sure found it.  These rings came in black or gold, which wasn't even a choice for me (have to maintain my gothic rep somehow).  They can be yours too, I bought mine from ebay for like seven bucks! Definitely worth my infinitely depleting amount of money.         

For some weird reason, I've been obsessed with mustaches lately (check out this awesome tumblr all about them!!!).  Maybe I should turn into a crack addict just so I can sprout some radical facial hair and then groom it until it turns into a handlebar mustache.  Good idea?

My picnik over-editing should probably stop now doesn't.


I had to do this.

Other than exciting and highly unnecessary things coming in the mail, the weather decided to FREAK OUT and give us a blizzard, thanks a lot mother nature.  Really, the day was just fully of gifts!  It was super fun to walk in, especially after almost falling in front of a bus passing by (some daily entertainment for the passengers, I'm sure).  Well, I guess its kinda......pretty. Yeah, you really had to pull all of my teeth to get that outta me.

Whoa, pink snow! I want to go to that place.

I thought this last one would make a kick ass print for something equally amazing.  The idea of mirroring and altering a photograph for a print reminded me of Viktor's final collection from the last season of project runway.

One way to create your own personalized fabrics, that I have yet to try, is Spoonflower, but bring out the big bills, this ain't cheap.  Here's the link to the one I made, buy it, and make me something pretty.  And that concludes probably the most random and unorganized post ever created. 

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  1. Oh my God your nails are insane! In a good way! So awesome! <3