Wednesday, April 25, 2012

No White Fashion Show

As you know, lately I have become ever so involved in the local design community of Minneapolis (hey, we do what we can!) and had the privilege of supporting my fellow designers at the University of Minnesota in their latest endeavor, a fashion show inspired by the dark side of fairy tales.

Sixteen designers presented one look of an up-cycled version of their own creativity, thus perfectly fitting into my annoyingly repetitive theme of reusing weird supplies.  Materials ranged from ripped up old stuffed animals to chicken wire...yeah these people are as crazy as I am.  The show was also judged by Danielle Everine, a former contestant on Project Runway.  Take a look below and try to guess which fairytale belongs to whom, it's harder than it sounds (it the best of ways, of course).

So sorry about the poor photo quality, my sad iPhone doesn't have the help of Siri to improve picture quality...

Did you guess?  Wish I could tell you the answers....I'll take notes next time, promise.

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