Sunday, April 15, 2012

Scrubbed Into Fashion 2012: The Recap!

I can't believe I did it.  I was starting to doubt myself in the eleventh hour if I could really turn painted-tarp like sleeves, placemats, and plastic into an outfit but somehow it all worked out! (I was saved by my lifesaver, my glue gun).  Let these pictures recreate the experience for those were weren't able to attend, shame on you.  Christopher Straub, a contestant on Project Runway, hosted the show and the Smile Network provided the sponsoring for the event.  The evening was filled with African tribal dancers, drummers, and some seven year old ballerinas (yeah I didn't get it either).  I didn't win, but congrats to Maisee Her who did! I included her pics, tell me what you think!  Apparently a big criteria was wearability........yeah I DON'T DO THAT.  And reflecting my own aesthetic is more important than making a boring outfit that someone actually hast to wear! (though that $500 would feel great in my pocket...)  This was an incredible experience and first fashion show, and many more to come!!! [and conquer ;)]

Check out the designer's bios, I was the only freshman, woot woot!

My collection was placed last in the sequence, AWESOME! I also used this crazy, gut busting, seizure provoking dubstep that I'm sure made everyone fall off of their seats.  In a good way.

Just lounging around, they should REALLY stop working so hard.

The venue was an amazing area in the TCF Bank Stadium at the University of Minnesota

Aww, look it's mom and dad! (they are the ones in the middle awkwardly staring at the camera)

Christopher Straub, the host of the show.  Check out his own design website here.

Children dancing with candles...WTF?

Mah girl, Kayna's collection! Yeah, get it!!

Aaaand...the other collections too...

Wait for it.....MY SHIT!!! Yeah I knew that's what you were waiting for this whole time :)

The DIY for these ankle straps will be coming soon, so keep checking back!

The show was followed by a questionnaire by three judges, just like project runway!  My heart was pounding so fast I thought it was going to rip out of my chest......sounds messy.

Let's break the tension with some tribal drummers. Yes.

The winner's collection, Maisee Her, and man on the right, please contact me ASAP...

The lovely people responsible for the production of this show, great job guys!

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