Monday, April 30, 2012

Not Just For Your Grandma

So, you have a rectangular scarf but yet aren't an old country club grandpa or blue-haired yacht sailer (unless you are of course, then go right ahead to rock the s*** out that scarf).  I have the perfect solution for your elderly accessory blunders, The Narf!  A mutant between the scarf and necklace, it will soon to be your favorite accessory right after you score every one of those eighteen holes in your next golf game. 

  • square handkerchief scarf
  • 12 inches of chain
  • 2 grommets
  • 2 jump rings

Step 1) Cut a hole in each side of the scarf, once it's been folded in half.

Step 2) Put in grommets in the ends where the holes were made.

Step 3) Put both those grommets in! (I cheated and hot glued mine in...oops).

Step 4) Loop the ring around the finished grommet...

Step 5) Put the ring around the chain...

Your Narf is finished!!! Feel free to experiment with your new accessory in all sorts of fun ways as I've demonstrated below...

Sunday, April 29, 2012

So Trashy It's Classy

 I have to say, I've made a brilliant discovery.  You thought I had covered it all with spikes, neons, and nudes but no, there's more.  There's one material we are forgetting here....sequins, and a LOT of them.  Why simple accessorize with them when you can cover yourself to look like a human disco ball?  Party here, party there, party everywhere.  I'm almost positive that the main consumers of the company, Sequin Queen are drag queens, which makes these dresses all the more appealing.  Put on some shades for this insanely blinding selection of sequin vomit, I might just have to buy all of them.







Mesmerizing, isn't it??  It's practically hypnotizing you to buy it.




Why not deck your best man friend in some sequins as well?  I'm sure he would love it.  And then you can have a better reason to borrow his clothes (I mean who wants to wear baggy sweatshirts and baseball caps anyways?)

Oh look, everything is covered in all the right places.  Your mother would be so proud of your modesty.

And things begin to go down a very strange path...


I hope even a drag queen won't wear this.


And the finale......this ruffled floor dusting robe.  Very natural, in a aquatic, jelly fish kind of way.


To keep the sequin love coming, Sequin Queen has also provided us with our VERY OWN chance to make a killer (and I mean physically and mentally harmful) outfit with our own choice of fabric.  They sell everything from sequins, metallics, lace, and crystal fabrics in any quantity (costume designing for a bunch of twelve year old dancers, yes?)  I will definitely be investing in some of this fabulously over the top fabric and making some equally gawk-provoking apparel.  Take a look at Sequin Queen Fabrics!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

No White Fashion Show

As you know, lately I have become ever so involved in the local design community of Minneapolis (hey, we do what we can!) and had the privilege of supporting my fellow designers at the University of Minnesota in their latest endeavor, a fashion show inspired by the dark side of fairy tales.

Sixteen designers presented one look of an up-cycled version of their own creativity, thus perfectly fitting into my annoyingly repetitive theme of reusing weird supplies.  Materials ranged from ripped up old stuffed animals to chicken wire...yeah these people are as crazy as I am.  The show was also judged by Danielle Everine, a former contestant on Project Runway.  Take a look below and try to guess which fairytale belongs to whom, it's harder than it sounds (it the best of ways, of course).

So sorry about the poor photo quality, my sad iPhone doesn't have the help of Siri to improve picture quality...

Did you guess?  Wish I could tell you the answers....I'll take notes next time, promise.