Monday, April 30, 2012

Not Just For Your Grandma

So, you have a rectangular scarf but yet aren't an old country club grandpa or blue-haired yacht sailer (unless you are of course, then go right ahead to rock the s*** out that scarf).  I have the perfect solution for your elderly accessory blunders, The Narf!  A mutant between the scarf and necklace, it will soon to be your favorite accessory right after you score every one of those eighteen holes in your next golf game. 

  • square handkerchief scarf
  • 12 inches of chain
  • 2 grommets
  • 2 jump rings

Step 1) Cut a hole in each side of the scarf, once it's been folded in half.

Step 2) Put in grommets in the ends where the holes were made.

Step 3) Put both those grommets in! (I cheated and hot glued mine in...oops).

Step 4) Loop the ring around the finished grommet...

Step 5) Put the ring around the chain...

Your Narf is finished!!! Feel free to experiment with your new accessory in all sorts of fun ways as I've demonstrated below...


  1. I like this! I have a habit of picking up silk scarves with great prints and then having no idea what to do with them! haha. I think this would look cool as a belt with an otherwise minimalist all black/all white etc outfit, or even as a wrap bracelet. Really cool idea.

    1. I love the wrap bracelet idea! maybe with one of those long and skinny scarves that are way too pointless to actually wear around your neck ha