Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Give Me Platforms Or Give Me Death

So guess what.  Yup you got it, another thing came in the mail.  Wrapped in an imaginary satin bow were a pair of shoes so ridiculous, so epic, so fantasmal, they had to be shared with my favorite readers (that's you).  I would like to also extend a sincere apology for being lazy and laying down on a towel in the sun instead of supplying you with the latest and most ridiculous clip of the fashion world, all according to me of course.  These platform, sneaker brogues clearly mirror the styles from Prada from their Spring 2011 collection (even men can wear them, check out those hairy legs below).  My little rule is that is takes about a year or so for high fashion to trickle down to the little people like us.  Oh your humble servants will always anxiously await what will next be supplied to our thirsty fashion needs yet thin wallet.  But no worries, I usually can predict what's going to happen next.  Like Emeril Lagasse......BAM!

Prada's little beauties...and now mine! For a lot more bang for my buck, mind you...

AND here is what came in the mail for me, I forgot to tell you I was a professional model.

Yeah, I'm a gangster.

A more modern twist on this brogue would be CREEPERS, sure to be coming to a store near you!  These Brothel shoes actually made their origin in Africa during World War I, I didn't know those soldiers were such punk rock ska-er's.  Well, I guess that stereotype didn't come until later until Vivienne Westwood dusted them with her expensive fairy magic.  They were also popular during the 1950's and worn by "Teddy Boys".  So there, you can't say I never paid attention in history class. BTW, I think this girl might be a little better at modeling, might be her actual day job...

Ooh now here's a MIB I wanna try! Now if I can find any shoes that are cheap enough to cover with a Sharpie....(plus the studs will add instant class, as always).


  1. you know I love the cheetah ones! And awww, those photos you picked are great!

  2. Thanks for takin' them! Let me know when to return the favor and your finally going to start your damn blog! ha