Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bitten By A 14K Vampire

Finally, I've found jewelry that can express my real sense of style.  That would include vampire teeth, goldfish, and robot monsters.  Verameat, created by Vera Balyura, is a strange and edgy company that creates unique pieces of jewelry made out of gold, brass, and silver.  Price points are a little high for my taste, but it's necessary to pay top dollar for a two headed dyno pendant (well, isn't that just neat?).  Other such designs include pigeons, puppies, and good ol' Nessie.  It's kinda like when you are at an art museum and there is a stupid piece of tinfoil crumpled up on the floor in the featured exhibit (and it isn't in the trash bin).  Who cares that it's a million dollars and probably took two minutes to make?  It's freaking art.  I would like to highlight the saying in the excerpt from the article's pretty much my motto, should I get it tattooed on my forehead?

This is mine now.  I'm stealing it.

Ooh vampire teeth, I didn't think our society was obsessed with them enough after the seven hundredth epic vampire love story to hit the big screen.
Vampire Luck $150

A diver? Well, I guess I'll just go with it.

Dive In $110

This guy is stressin' out because he didn't get any Verameat jewelry for Christmas!!

This little guy is DYING to get on your finger...sympathy laugh please.

Skeleton Scaffold Wow $78

Oh dear, I hope no forest creatures were harmed in the production of this ring

Yes Dear $48

I can't explain in only words how much I love this, it would require a series of exaggerated hand and body gestures.

Vampire Love $110-980

Oh look, I found Nessie!!!

Elasamasaurus Lochness $210

Aaand, it's eating a zombie arm.  While on a flower.  

Two Headed T-Rex $110
It's a T-Rex eating a chicken drumstick, it makes sense 'cause they are carnivores. NOM NOM!

Dino Eating Fried Chicken $132

Allen, you have such a lovely ring, but where is the baby you found in the closet?  Hangover...cough, cough.

Ship Helm Studz $60

They are lucky goldfish! Fun fact: Goldfish only have a memory of four seconds....or is it five?  I can't remember......

Goldfish Wrapper $150

Shell Ventricle Leaf $170
P.S. The prices GREATLY vary on the material each piece is made out of, here is their website so take a look!

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