Monday, February 27, 2012

Why Are Most Of My Posts So Dangerous?

Here's another DIY I stole off of a great and equally sarcastic blog (finally, someone understands me!), but hopefully Morgan vs. Morgan won't mind too much as long as I give her full credit, of course.  Since EVERYONE and their grandmother, sister's cousin, and Uncle Joe has the iPhone, we might as well accessorize it.  And yeah, you could go the conservative route with a super cute color or maybe one with a puppy on it, but let's be real, we don't do that here.  I've seen some pretty crazy cases, but none of these really suited my highly sophisticated taste:
What? I can't hear you.

Aw it has ears.  Just like you.

I had an AWESOME wood case kind of like this one until we tearfully parted one fateful Saturday night when I ended up holding only splinters...

Sushi iPhone....NOM NOM

 Try again, this time something more dangerous, ridiculous, obscene, horrifying, mind blowing....etc.  May the crowd please welcome the newest development to the iPhone, hold your applause....THE MEAT TENDERIZER...err Spiked Phone case! And a great replacement for mace and pepper spray.

Here is what you need:

  • A silicone case fit for your generation of iPhone (mine is the 4, but no Siri, sad day)
  • 11 crazy 3/4" metal spikes with screw backs 
  • Electrical Tape
  • Needle or sharp point, I used a seam ripper, I guess that says a lot about what I do in my free time if that is what was most available...

Step 1) Plan out where you want to put the spikes, I used eleven of them.

I then marked with a marker on the inside where exactly I was going to put the screws through.

Step 2) Poke a small hole as marked with your desired tool.

Step 3) Push the screw in, it can be a tad difficult but thats probably the point of a puncture free case made of silicone.

Step 4) After the screw backing has been pushed in, screw on the top half of the stud, don't do it too tight or the silicone will raise up around that spot and not fit as well to your actual phone.

Step 5) Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat....yeah you get it.  Eleven whole times.

Step 6) Then if you don't live in a college dorm room, electrical tape is probably more accessible for you.  But in my case, I used some fancy artists tape to line the inside to prevent the backings from scratching my precious iPhone.

And you are finished! Looks pretty normal from the front right?

NOT! Yeah, I really fooled you!!

So I should probably warn you that this could POTENTIALLY be seen as a weapon.  Take a look at Morgan's page to check out some of her tips to staying safe.

Aw, its like a little animal now with legs! Your iPhone, now your trusty best friend.  And cheaper than a German Sheppard. 

Go forth and conquer with your strange new device, get ready for some awkward stares.  But don't worry, I embrace them.

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