Monday, February 20, 2012

Twelve: Senior Fashion Show 2012

I had the amazing opportunity to volunteer at this year's senior fashion show at the University of Minnesota, Twelve.  Eleven seniors (one dropped out at the last minute...puts a little bit of a damper on the title, eh?) presented their graduating line to hundreds of locals and family.  Though the reason for the successful attendance was probably my presence.....but the show was pretty cool too, I guess.  I definitely had my favorites, the best being a line of twisted, avant garde menswear.  I can't wait until I finally have the opportunity to showcase what I've been working on for four years!  I get to show a little sample at Scrubbed into Fashion on April 14th (Mark your calendars!!), hope it won't all go to my head. ;) 

This was my favorite collection, I loved the playful twist on the original menswear suit and the muted color palette to draw attention to the insane details.  I mean, come'on, where have you seen this before?? Nowhere. 

Oops, this girl forgot to open her eyes, she surprisingly didn't fall off the runway (well, it was completely flat anyways).  This was in the sophomore preview before the show started but the craftsmanship is impeccable.  That is one show stopping collar (since we are always on the topic of detachable collars) and hell, I can never say no to black leather (even if it's fake).  

Oh look, she woke up! Just in time for the show.

Boy, put some Chapstick on those lips.

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