Friday, February 10, 2012

WARNING: Things Are Smaller Than They Appear

Once upon hearing that the University of Minnesota had a fashion museum, I was obviously excited.  I mean, I was thinking it must be HUGE with some crazy shit...Valentino, Dior, Coco get the gist.  But instead of a football field this SPECTACULAR museum ended up being about the size of my dorm room (alright maybe classroom).  Well, I am an apparel student so I felt the obligation to experience all the U has to offer for fashion (which isn't a whole lot...). The theme of the exhibit was costume, right up my alley (that being the style of wearing stuff that should only appear on the set of a movie).  The museum did have a kind of creepy feel, like all these muslin people were watching you through their nonexistent eyes...but I did take some pictures just for the fun of it and to save you a trip yourself to the Goldstein Museum.

Is this outfit supposed to represent some flesh eating
disease? Maybe the Donner Party wore these.

Yeah, I thought these were beyond creepy too...They are supposed to be Cinderella with her evil step sisters imported ALL the way from Macy's, sorry Cinderella for cutting your head off.

Also getting the Chuckie vibe from this one too, it must have something to do with dolls in strange clothes and unequal body proportions.

These look familiar? Kind of like the MIB that just happened, except way cooler...

Some sketches and research done for each costume displayed

I liked this guy's Amy Winehouse hair and lack of bronzer (maybe that's where she got the idea...)  

The best is coming for last....

Gaga would definitely go for this one...

Even had security guards at this high end establishment

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  1. I have a feeling there will be a museum/gallery displaying your creations soon!