Friday, August 3, 2012

The Snapshot: A Brief Montage

Wow.  I can't believe how quickly those two months have gone by.  Now I know what it must feel like to be a parent and stare at their reckless being of a teenager, while yearning for their younger days....or something like that.  New York has been an experience, that of learning, hardship, bravery, intensity, but mostly, a sh**-ton of fun.  

Maintaing two internships (The Reformation & 100% NY for all those who weren't listening), meeting friends, and surviving in the city wasn't easy but I can say I've grown in more ways than just my sense of style.  

And if New York can't break me, nothing can.  

Oh Mai, I knew you shouldn't have bought that dress...

These things are brutal.

Central Park

Highline Park

Wacko musicians

A pizza pie is a work of art.

Sarah, a fellow Reformation intern and from Germany!

4th of July brunch (from left to right: Sima aka Roomie, Tiffany, and Jing)

Kari being a model, fellow intern at Reformation

(We were those girls who thought they were cute while everyone looks on in disgust)

Brighton beach

Coney Island

Damn, missed the hot dog eating contest...

Katz Delicatessen

Oh Lady Liberty, why must you be under construction?

Flatiron building, no idea why people think this is such an important monument

Indian food on Curry Row!

Ah the city lights.

Just up to no good.

What an irresistibly impractical accessory...I should have bought it, but I somehow restrained myself from wearing my love for this city.

Another angle for you.

Bryant Park, from crack dealers to magic.

New friend, Alex, in Time Square, looks like my trip has made a full circle.  How...metaphoric?

Thanks to all who tuned in, 
come back for more insane DIY's, updates, and ridiculous fashion advice :)

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