Sunday, May 20, 2012

Make It Or Break It

I have good news.  No, great news, so you better be excited.  I am officially going to the big city (understatement much?) of New York for the summer to intern with the fabulous company, The Reformation.  They ironically carry the same values as our very own Ragolution, turning ugly, crusty things into new and fabulous merchandise.  Their "new approach to fashion" is a great concept, repurposing vintage and dead stock fabric to create a current look that fits into our modern trends.  The Reformation's spring line includes plenty of chiffon, drapey silhouettes, and maxi dresses.  Here are a couple of my favorite looks from the company, feel free to check more out on their website!

I can't wait to tell you all of my crazy adventures, AKA potentially getting mugged, spending way too much money, and hopefully having some fun along the way.  So far I know almost nothing about New York, anyone willing to share any words of wisdom?  Any awesome places or things I need to add to my bucket list?

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