Thursday, May 31, 2012

Made It Alive!

I'm probably the most surprised of anyone that I actually made it to New York City, with less of a struggle than I was expecting!  The flight in was normal, sat next to two very thrilling people who were....sleeping.  Yes, we had some mighty exciting conversations.  Then grabbed a cab to the SVA college summer housing, located on Ludlow Street.  Here are some views from my window, I enjoy the view but it is sure loud as f**** here, I opened the window for a minute and three ambulances, a couple cops, and some jackhammers were adding to the music of the city hubbub.  So far I can't figure out quite how to enter my bathroom, could pose as problematic as a couple days pass, who needs showers anyways?

With the new location, supplying you with the newest and greatest DIY/MIB's may be a tad challenging, so you are just going to have to put up with regular updates from my New York experience.  Don't worry, I'll include everything from fashion to dining, it will be like you're right here with me ;)  

Just a couple pictures of my plane outfit, a long, comfy maxi dress I had bought in Spain, paired with a Cleopatra-esque necklace.  Hope the muggers don't think it's real gold... well it's probably time to put on my big girl pants and explore the city, GULP.


  1. I'm glad your trip to New York was great! How do you like SVA so far? What are you majoring in?

  2. So far the housing at SVA is great! Nice and clean, no cockroaches! though I almost stepped on one in the street...GROSS. But anyways, NYC is the perfect city, have you been/live there? I am currently majoring in fashion design at the university of Minnesota, hopefully one day transferring to New York!

  3. I went to the University of the arts in Philadelphia, but I know a few people that after graduating, went to SVA for their masters. It's one of the best in the country! I love New York, I go there frequently. From Minnesota to New York, I'm sure it felt like a culture shock?! You will fall in love with New York! Do you have a portfolio?

    1. It is definitely different! But in the best possible way of course :) And I do, it hasn't really been updated in awhile, but feel free to take a look, I also have an album on Facebook that might have some more recent stuff!