Sunday, May 13, 2012

To Infinity, And Beyond!

Calling all nerds, this is your time in the light, or should I say stars?  Track pants made from parachutes and galaxy inspired vintage pullovers, Nicolas Ghesquiere must have been abducted by some extra terrestrial being to have produced what he did for Fall 2012.  From glamour to expensive couch potato, Balenciaga sure pulled a fast one on us this season......finally.  Let's say I like a little radical surprise to throw off what is really in style.  And I say bring on the plantetary sweatshirts paired with some athleticwear (though I would be the last one to actually put such garments to real use...).  If this is the future, I can't wait.

Let's glam it up with some SUPER shiny two tone windbreaking pants paired with a stiff fluorescent jacket.  To infinity, and beyond!

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