Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bedazzle It, It Will Sound Better

The empire state building on my pillow looks like it's emanating from my head, I know.

I have tried every ear bud on the planet and not a single, damn one fits.  I don't know if I have incredibly, anatomically small ear canals or was just not meant to listen to music while on the go (too much multitasking I suppose).  But I decided to rebel against the product designers of sleek, modest earbuds from apple and take a more retro and obnoxious approach.  I began with a fairly cool, sleek (as close to that as you can get, considering the ridiculously large size) pair of headphones.  But apparently, they just weren't cool enough as is.  So I grabbed some craft glue, gems, and went crazy for a couple of hours.  I wanted to do create crazy geometric pattern with the black and white but it ended up rather poinsettia looking.  Well, happy holidays?  

I'm such a rockstar.

And I couldn't resist showing off my newest pair of Docs, and for a fantastic bargain I must say.  I instagrammed those beauties, add a frame and it's a freaking piece of art.  The gallery must be on my feet.

Here's the link if you want to follow in my footsteps...punny.

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