Saturday, January 14, 2012

Pearls And Diamonds Darling

This blog is not about outfit posts.  Rarely do I deem my outfits appropriate for public view, let alone for the nice folks on the world wide web to see.  So sorry, this is but one time I will let this little rule slip, all for the sake of the ragolution.  My day begun, continued, and finished shopping at one of my favorite places, Opitz Outlet.  This store sells designer goods for a ridiculously awesome price and today happened to be one of their five dollar blowout sales, how lucky for me.

 The normal person would simply browse through the racks and pick, maybe, one or two things that would blend in nicely with the rest of their wardrobe.  Not I.  I managed to try on the majority of clothes in the store (if you've tried it on, I probably have too) and escaped with several garments that have absolutely no place in the rest of my closet.  But hopefully they can match SOMETHING I have, or I'll just have to go shopping again (oh darn).  The main reason for the five dollar price tag is the slight imperfection that each item usually has.  But what can't a needle and thread, duct tape, or blow torch fix?  I thought there was no better definition of the ragolution than to preserve the life of an originally impeccable garment and save it from the fiery depths of a discounted hell.  I've included pictures of what the clothes looked before and after I rescued them (if they could talk back I'm sure they would thank me, or try to get away from my abusive glue gun).

Now here is the part of the post I attempt to model my new beauties, though probably not too successfully. Don't worry, I'm not planning on quitting my day job.

Yes, a jumping picture.  Through lots of practice and hours of time, they can be flattering and awe inducing.  Unfortunately, I had neither.

I thought I would end with this one to prove how seriously I take fashion--which meaning, not at all.

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