Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I NEED more....

Accessories.  Even though this statement is far from the truth, fun pieces always add that special something to either make an outfit or set it way over the edge (in a good way...sometimes).  If you are a penny pinching college student like myself, an accessory seems a more plausible way to keep up with the latest trend without having to invest in a designer sequin suit or something of the sort.  Here are a couple of things that I am longing to own such as these fierce cat eye sunglasses by 80s Purple. Meoww.
These next magical spectacles remind me of an Albert Einsteen in the twenty fifth century or some bionic invention Inspector Gadget would have used.

 Wait for it....yup. They flip open.  Just in case the decision to wear sunglasses was too hard to take them off completely.

Another hot trend to sport in this blistering (more like freezing) weather would be the aptly named infinity scarf, I swear I was the first to wear these like TWO years ago, whine, complain, etc.  This one in particular would be a great way to reuse old fabric and yarn scarps, pretty much the definition of a MIB, only now to find the time.  Look to Nina Ramone on etsy for these delicious rags.

I know what they say about this next one.  "They", being all them haters that hoped this trend was to remain in the past and never reappear to haunt the hips, foopas, or shall we say, fanny's?  Yes, I am speaking of this fanny pack, a shunned beauty of ingenuity.  But here I bring it to you with a surprising makeover, replace the defeminine-izing (yes this is a word) and unflattering seatbelt strap with a chain and now we are in business.  Or go the utilitarian route with a belted leather pack, ready to hold your very own hammer and nails.

 No, I am hoping this version stays in the past.

This last one was also discovered on etsy, though the trick is trying to make it stay on.  I knew there was some real reason we had ears, not for hearing but for decorating the back of them with feathers, metal, and bolts.

Here's my own take on the ear cuff.  Wearing it makes me feel like a startled peacock that can barely breath in fear of my beautiful accessory form falling off of its intended position...yeah that doesn't really make sense to me either.

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