Monday, January 9, 2012

The Bears and Bees

Who doesn't love a crazy, luminescent pair of leggings?  Covering your legs with stripes, skulls, or bees might not be the most flattering way to show off your hips but it definitely adds a statement to every outfit.  A polar bear stretched over the entirety of the ass may shun off any hope for receiving a mating call from the opposite sex but it is sure fun to wear.  This addition will make you hard to miss even in a crowd of the entire world population but the point is not to blend in.  Mixing these with solid separates makes a fun transition to the legs as the focal point, an fairly uncommon idea.  Props to Black Milk and all of their disgustingly amazing collections of spandex and nylon, cheers to the 80's.

And here is the creator, ready to grant your every desire through patterned body paint, James Lillis.

It was time to take a swing at making my own stretchtastic leg art and started with a simple pattern from good ol' Joann fabrics, the mecca of an extensive variety of fabric (though almost never carrying exactly what you had in mind).  From there I simply added some panels to the inner thighs hoping for a slimming effect when in reality made my legs look similar to a game of tetris or strangely angular with countless 90 degree angles.  Well anyway, I am satisfied with the result and yes, they are metallic, and of course, I am going to wear them in public. 

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