Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The One. The Only. Iris Van Herpen!

Today I have discovered my idol.  My inspiration.  My muse (maybe that's a little too far...).  Anyways, thus designer embodies everything I believe in by using unexpected (and the most impractical) materials to create a futuristic embodiment of fashion and contort the body in indistinguishable ways.  Miss Iris even interned with the holy and Almighty Alexander McQueen.  YOU. HAVE. GOT. TO. BE. KIDDING.  This diva has got it going on, and I will be there in no time, I'm sure... Here is a quote from her website depicting her holy vision for our avant garde clad bodies...

In all my work I try to make clear that fashion is an artistic expression, showing and wearing art, and not just a functional and devoid of content or commercial tool. With my work I intend to show that fashion can certainly have an added value to the world, that it is timeless and that its consumption can be less important than it’s beginning. Wearing clothing can create a very exciting and imperative form of self-expression. ‘Form follows function’ is not a slogan with which I concur. On the contrary, I find that forms complement and change the body and thus the emotion. Movement, so essential to and in the body, is just as important in my work. By bringing form, structure and materials together in a new manner, I try to suggest and realize optimal tension and movement. -Iris Van Herpen

Examples of her work, this one is from the Synesthesia collection, amazingly insect-like.  Maybe it's a form of insight to their under appreciated lives. 

Synesthesia Fall 2010 

Props to this dude, rocking the heels and a leather mini dress complete with a Fresh Prince of Bel air haircut.

Crystallization collection Summer 2011

This water is actually attached to the dress, probably a lot less messy...

Nothing better than resembling a weaved basket.

And saving the best for last...

This poor girl fighting is for her life against her vacuum.  I think she lost.

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