Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hope You're Feeling Lucky...

Even though New Years has passed, who said you can't still have a little bling?  This clutch was inspired by the idea of broken glass or a mirror but I avoided using the actual materials to prevent possible injury or bad luck, of course.  The materials used were a little more user friendly than breaking shards of glass and gluing them to an accessory, that is without the use of garden gloves or safety goggles.

Here is what I used:

  • An old clutch or wallet, the flat ones with snap closures seem like the best

  • A big ol' bag of silver, plastic gems from any craft store
  • Handy dandy glue gun
  • 1/2 yard of silver fringe (length and color depend on how much of the wallet you want to cover, I did two rows)
Before adding all the materials to the wallet, you might want to paint it the color of the gems or a solid contrasting color.  The one I found was originally black, so I figured that was good enough.  Begin by cutting the fringe into four pieces the length of the wallet.  Then hot glue the fringe onto the bottom of the clutch, starting from the bottom up.  Only glue the fringe on the front and the back, not the sides so it doesn't get caught when opening and closing the wallet.  And another note about the fringe, make sure to glue the ends so the threads don't unravel.  Proceed to painstakingly adhere the gems over the rest of the wallet.  I placed them randomly and overlapped the shapes to give a more "broken" effect.  And here is the final product, ready for any night on the town, just be sure to avoid any black cats and walking under ladders.

Notice my crackly nail polish, silver crackle over black.  I thought I should give myself some extra credit points for how cleverly it matched.

And apologies for the lack in how-to photos, they were unfortunately deleted from my camera, how....unlucky.

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  1. I love the clutch! You are a genius (don't tell your parents that I said that!)