Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sheer Delight

You know, some things should just be left to the imagination.  I may not be the most modest person on this planet, but I certainly know where to draw the line when bordering on an outfit that may be publicly offensive or make the viewer want to burn out their eyes with a blow torch.  But our innocence was not spared Spring 2012, so hide your kids, hide your wives, 'cause they showin' everything this season.  I love me a good sheer when layered appropriately in a fantastic button up or an asymmetrical dress.  Well, I guess those crazy fashion designers had an idea and ran with it, you know what those odd, artist types are like... (I can only say this because I am one).  Here are some examples of the outfits that could have been left to the imagination.  But I'm guessing the attendance of straight males to runway shows rose dramatically this spring season.

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Here are some better examples of what a sheer inspired outfit SHOULD look like...

Jenny Packham

Christian Dior

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