Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Snapshot: Is This A Joke?

I would like to pass on some practical advice to all those newbies in New York City.  Never.....ever buy comedy tickets in Times Square.  Yes, they will heckle you.  Yes, it will feel like you are getting a good deal.  But if you were, they wouldn't be needing to sell these tickets on the street now, would they?  This weekend I finally decided to take advantage of my hastily purchased tickets to Dangerfield's Comedy and thankfully kept my expectations nice and low.  

The show included about five comedians, sorry no Tina Fey's here.  I had a few good chuckles here and there, just to keep me distracted from my empty wallet, I'm sure. Though the tickets took care of the "cover" charge, we still had to pay around $60 by the end of the night, just to take care of the two drink per person minimum.  But hey, I got these from Times Square....so who wants to buy some comedy tickets??

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