Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Snapshot: I've Turned Into A Foodie

Oh, dear old dad.  Instead of playing golf and grabbing a six pack to zone out while watching football, my father obsesses over his exquisitely made meals, repeating a recipe is a crime in itself.  We have never ordered a pizza, probably a little strange for a normal American family, never thought I fit into the stereotype anyways.  So along with the family genes, a sense for the culinary has also been passed onto me, thanks dad.  I now prefer any kind of foreign food instead of American, lets get fat on gnocchi and naan instead of McDonald's fries.

Pork Bun from Chinatown  

Free Indian food at a festival in Washington Square

Sopa at a Mexican restaurant

Didn't eat these...

Irish stew with potatoes, lamb, and carrots

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